List of products by brand Missha

Missha was established in 2000 and opened its first Hong Kong outlet in 2004.

It was the first South Korean beauty brand to sell low-priced cosmetic products. In the first few years, all Missha products were priced at 3,300 won (US$3). It began without any shop, just online shops called “beauty net”.

As the main slogan ‘Quality Base MISSHA’ states, the basic marketing strategy of MISSHA is to provide better quality products at a low price to the mass market. People in MISSHA had to deeply consider this objective from two points of view, one is how to reduce the cost of products, and the other is how to ensure their products fit consumer needs. Actually, the real cost for the content inside bottle is less than 10% of total production price. Management understood what makes the cosmetics prices so high was packaging, advertisement, and inefficient distribution channel structures. MISSHA tried to replace luxury and high cost packaging, for example, using plastic containers instead of glass, and they even removed the packaging box which was not useful after opening.

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