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Homecare VS9 Skin & Diet Serum


Homecare VS9 Skin & Diet Serum


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Project for clear & beautiful skin, slimmer face and S-line body 

Containing abundant natural minerals, this massage gel helps face and body contouring effectively.

‘Homecare VS9 serum’ will solve your problems: Rough skin, sagging skin, lumpy looking calves, thigh, swollen face in the morning & the evening, obesity - Who wants to take care of thick thigh and arm - Who worries sagging skin, lumpy-looking calves and thigh - Who wants to have oval(slim) and three-dimensional face line - Who wants slim body - Who has rough skin, goose bumps, ichthyosis(fishskin) or stretch marks etc. troubled skin - Who has swollen face or arm & leg in the morning and the evening

Product features and effects Face & Body improvement All In One Serum Effective for skin elasticity, revitalizing and brightening!! Good for face V-line, swollen face and waste excretion. Superb absorption without stickiness–> Aseasonal use Skin elasticity and body contouring at the same time with Simple use.

Magnesium(Mg) : Strengthening skeleton structure, Forming albumin in the blood, Working for degenerative arteriopathy, Promoting waste elimination, Preventing body odor(BO), Collagen action • PH : Acid-Alkaline balance, Bodily cell activity needs to be slightly alkaline. • Cobalt(Co) : Maturation of red blood cell, Pernicious anemia treatment effect • Silver(Ag) : Natural antibiotic, Sterilizing effect of pathogenic bacterium • Iron(Fe) : Delivering enzyme, Energy metabolism, Collagen binding action, Deintoxication, Anemia treatment effect, Delivering oxygen • Aluminium(Al) : Promoting metabolism • Phosphorus(P) : Skeleton and teeth strengthening action, Strengthening the function of brain and nerve muscle, Energy supply effect, PH balance in blood and urine • Kalium(K) : Acid-Alkaline balance in blood and tissue, Heart beat (normal state) maintenance, Nerve function normalization, Stimulating the production of M hormone, Working for chronic fatigue, chronic headache, migraine, overweight, diarrhea, and dizziness • Natrium(Na) : Regulation of body fluid, Osmoregulation, Electrolyte balance in/outside of the body • Mangan(Mn) : Maintaining normal sexual function, Involving in glycolipid metabolism and osteogenesis • Nickel(Ni) : Physiological function, Components of bones, teeth and body fluid • Sulphur(S) : Oxygen activating effect, Purifying blood, Maintaining the health of hair, skin, fingernail and toenail, Acne treatment, Improving blood circulation, Working for bacterial disease • Barium(Ba) : One of essential mineral elements. Its metabolic function is not yet proven